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Lishi presentation


There are many ways to try and gain access to a vehicle. Some use air bags with wire levers, others use Rakes which rub over the wafers in the
lock to make them move. But only Genuine Lishi tools have been designed to pick the lock, accurately and safely.

Rakes or Inner Groove picks to give them their full title work on mainly older vehicles with non laser cut keys. These work by rubbing the
wafers to try to get them to move to the open position. But this is a harsh method of entry, and in the wrong hands, all that is achieved is the
wafers get damaged. Now the customers not only has to gain entry to the vehicle, but also needs to replace the locks as well, making this a
very expensive exercise.

Air Bags and wires work by using an air bag in the door to create a gap big enough to manipulate a wire to hook a door lock or move a handle.
But the wires can scratch the car interior, the air bags can make too big a gap and bend the door in its frame (you will only know when you are
on your way and hear the wind getting into the car). Air bags are also useless for getting into Car Boots (the most common 'lock-out')

Lishi Picks work differently. Lishi picks are designed to gently move each wafer in the lock one at a time. These picks require a degree of skill and practisc. Using Lishi tools is totally non destructive to the door, the frame or the locks.

The most common question we are asked is what is the difference between the 3 types of products, and what is the benefit of each, and what a locksmith should use.

The answer is pretty simple.

LISHI PICKS: these open the car lock, nothing more. Most 'lock-outs' are caused because someone has locked their keys in the boot - most often in the boot. What is required is for someone to open the car, quickly, cleanly and with NO DAMAGE. In these instances, the LISHI Pick should be used or the Lishi 2-in-1 Pick/Decoder.

LISHI DECODERS: now suppose someone has lost their keys, or had them stolen. The requirement for the auto locksmith is now to find the code of the key from the lock, and then cut a key. This is called DECODING the lock. The process requires a tool finding every wafer in the lock and determining the size of the wafer. This is what a LISHI DECODER does.

Some Locks can be DECODED whilst they are still locked. In these instances an Auto locksmith needs simply to decode the lock, cut a key and then use the key to open the lock.
Other Locks need to be opened first before the lock can be decoded.

To DECODE locks the auto locksmith will need to be able to offer a key cutting service.

LISHI provides a full list of decoders and whether the lock can be decoded in the Open or the Locked position.



LISHI 2-in-1 PICK/DECODERS: these are designed to open and decode a lock at the same time. This makes the work quicker and easier for the auto locksmith, with locks being picked open and decoded in under 3 minutes.